Our Neighborhood Baseball Team: REMIND

Baseball Players' Dream, National Competition Syst

Our Neighborhood Baseball Team: REMIND

♣Korea's First Master League Open
Restrictions on equipment and capabilities will be lifted! Experience the Master League
Step 2 Update Top Version on Dec. 16!
Official community top league settlement event and return user settling event!

■ ■ Introduction Of Game ■ ■
Japan and Taiwan's App Store are the overwhelming number one games!
We invite you to the only real team-play baseball game in the world!
■ Various player grow-up systems
You can grow up players with a variety of fun mini-games.
One player who has been raised hard is responsible for the team's victory!
■ Baseball Players' Dream, National Competition System
With my team through two weeks of intense regional preliminaries and won the Nationals!
Communicate with your team members and share the joy of victory!
■ One of the best easy game ever for anyone
A variety of mini-games prepared not to be bored when there is no competition.
■ A charming costume that attracts everyone's attention.
Create your own individuality with over 100 different costumes.
Make team's own costume is makes more a sense of belonging
■ Official Community ■
You can check out the official event information at the official community
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