ATK Challenger: The Age Of HEGEMONY

vast world-wide war of nations

Gaon : The Age Of Supremacy

You don't have to charge money, but if you click a few times, you can achieve VIP7!

▶ vast world-wide war of nations◀
Find your own role in the various and fragmented national competitions!
Find out the secrets and weaknesses of your enemy through espionage!
Escort your supplies, carry out your duties, and serve your country!
Over the server to the world! Enjoy a big, never-ending war of nations!
Yesterday's enemy today, through cooperation between nations, stop the invasion of monsters!
▶Continued duel, never-ending PVP content ◀
1vs1, 2vs4 Enjoy your choice of PVP to suit your favor.
Sometimes alone, 1vs1 real-time battle
2 vs 4 real-time scuffles, sometimes in collaboration with colleagues
▶Various modes of BOSS raid from all directions ◀
Bosses with dozens of customs, Intelligent AI are waiting.
There are no more bosses waiting in one place!
Feel the pleasure of defeating bosses in various modes!
▶ Thousands of unique costumes and appearance ◀
Show off my own individuality with unique concept costumes!
Ride toward heaven with colorful wings!
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